Friday, February 18, 2011

Hand me downs

I love hand me downs. Let's be honest, they are free! Elisa has been very well dressed thanks to the multitude of hand me down clothes we've received from friends who are done having babies and have outgrown their clothes. Elisa's nursery is largely furnished with hand me downs again. And there is something that is just so special about family hand me downs with such history.

Like this one:

It was mine as a baby, and some cousin's used it as well. I was the first of the "cousin's" to have a baby and so it came back to me. I even think it was my mother's as a baby.

And this chair:

This was my grandmothers for as long as I can remember. I'm sure my mom and aunts and uncles can tell me when it came into her household, probably sometime in the 70's. Again, it doesn't match my decor...but it has such sentimental value and memories that it will NEVER get removed from my household.

And now, Elisa has inherited the kid's table. This also was mine as a child and it's funny. I remember hating it. Because when I was put at the "kid's table" I was removed from the adults. But it's my daughter's and even though it's not the prettiest table, nor does it go with my decor either. But, so many memories were created at this table.

I'm excited to see what memories we will create as our little family with this table. I'll be on the hunt for some better chairs that will tip less easily, but still. It's our table. :)

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