Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Elisa,

Don't ever change.

Now mommy is not so naive as to not realize that you will change as you grow and that you will mature.

But I hope that those parts of you that are so fundamental to your personality stay the same.

The little girl who loves to sing and dance and will randomly break out into song as she explores her world. Or who loves to walk in circles around the living room, randomly grab a puff from the bowl and continue on her journey.

The determination that keeps you trying until you FINALLY succeed. Even when that determination caused you to beat mommy's will to keep you cooking a little longer. That same determination made you breathe before you were supposed to.

The laughter that comes with only a glance from mommy and daddy.

The giggles when mommy and daddy play with you.

The curiosity that keeps you engaged. And yes, even when that curiosity will inevitably cause you some pain. See determination.

The spunk that makes the room light up with just your presence.

All of these qualities I hope you keep. Just looking at your beautiful face makes me smile and soothes my soul.

I love you. I love all that you are, all that you are becoming and all that you have been.

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Beth said...

Aren't they just a riot at this age? So fun, and everything is an adventure! That preemie spirit is tough to keep safe but makes these girls carefree and fun.