Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interesting statistic

At least, I found it rather interesting. Maybe because it applies to me directly.

Did you know that it costs $1,730 dollars to support continuing education for 72 health professionals in the prevention of preterm labor?

I sure didn't. And maybe if my OB had this continuing education, I wouldn't be sitting here 15 months later with a 15 month old instead of a 13 month old. But really, that is all water under the bridge and I am here. But maybe, I can help keep others from sitting in my shoes.

So I'm walking. I'm walking with your support and I'm walking in the hopes that no other family has to ever sit in my shoes. Thanks to the March of Dimes and all of their research, the rate of pre-term births has gone DOWN for the first time in a long time. In Kansas, the rate is now a C, which is down from the D of last year.

I know many of you have supported me already and I LOVE you for it. And I'm not asking for more. I'm just asking that you share. Of course I won't say no to a few more if you are interested. You can either click on the badge on the right side or follow the link here:

Share Elisa's story. Spread the word. Prematurity is a real thing. Preterm labor is REAL. It isn't just an over worked, over imaginative, over worried mother who needs to be written off and ignored. Maybe if more doctors are made aware of really what preterm labor is and the symptoms, women who present with my symptoms won't just be written off and sent home to "relax."

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