Monday, November 1, 2010

The difference a year makes

Thanks to the return of winter...and a sad lack of true winter clothing for E, I spent part of my weekend searching for some more of those wonderful fleece sleepers that E lived in when she first came home last year. And I found myself thinking with a sense of nostalgia of the first one she ever wore. Her first night out of the hospital. Her first night with me.

(now this picture obviously isn't of her first night home...but the only one I could find with her in the sleeper lol)

And I found myself smiling. SMILING. And getting a little teary as I then began to think of all those cute little fleece sleepers she had. And how much fun I had picking one out for her to wear at night.

Did I turn that corner? Did making the year anniversary of her birth mean I can start now seeing all the good memories that happened a year ago instead of the terrifying ones? We haven't made it to that all important "release date". But to be honest, my NICU stay is rather a blur. And not very traumatic. I guess because I knew my ability to fight was over...and it was all on her to fight.

And fight she did.

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Michelle said...

Wow. It really is incredible how far they have come, isn't it?!