Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week in DC

I think I mentioned in my last post about just HOW exhausted we are. This last week, while every year is one of the most exhausting of the entire year, felt even more so. I don't know if it was adding the extra days to go traveling around and see the sites or what, but I'm absolutely wasted today.

However, we did have a BLAST in DC. I worked Monday-Thursday and then we decided to go see some of DC and Mount Vernon on Friday. And that was a LOT to pack into one day. And not to mention it was a COLD and WINDY day. It was definitely a mistake to not take the bus tour we had thought we would take. We thought we'd save the money and walk the sites (could use the fresh air and exercise anyway.)

So here are some pictures of our foot tour:

Because of the freezing temps, we ventured into the Old Post office to thaw out a bit and took a ride up to the bell tower. What better way to "see" all the sites in one take!

After our quick "tour" we headed back down and E decided it was time for some food. So we had a bottle and some play time in the candy store. Where we looked but didn't touch OR eat.

Why mommy! I just want one little bite!

Afterwards we decided to venture out again and saw the ducks in a pond near the White House and let E look at them. While there a concerned citizen suggested that we pick our child up because the ducks are nasty...we waited until they were out of site and promptly set her back down lol.

From there, we went to Mount Vernon. This was of particular interest to me, just because I love history and especially old buildings. So I was really looking forward to touring around and seeing what they had. I will admit I was a bit disappointed. I guess I expected more "prosperity" in the way that you and I think of prosperity. The fact is, the farm house as he had it was most likely the very symbol of prosperity when it was built and Washington inhabited it. But it was very small and just lacked a lot of the ornamentation that I had become accustomed to seeing in my travels around Europe. Still, I had a great time visiting it and the view was so peaceful and gorgeous.

E even got a ride on Daddy's shoulders. And she loved this! Giggled the whole way and outright laughed when Andrew would bounce her up there.

We finished the day with one of the best dinner's we've ever had. What the restaurant lacked in "high society" it made up for in pure joy. We've never enjoyed a dinner as much as we did this one. We didn't worry about what we were spending. We just ordered what we wanted, laughed, ate, talked. We were exhausted so we didn't end up venturing far from the hotel. And we even ended the night with letting E try the mechanical bull.

And we will end with a "family" portrait. It's the best we could get....and you can just SEE how exhausted we were. And this was the first night Andrew and E were in town lol!

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