Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our first "no" fit

We are not so happy about this new world we find ourselves entering into.

And to be honest, neither are mommy and daddy lol. But we know it's best for her in the long run.

What is this new world? The world of boundaries. And the world that no longer revolves around Elisa.

This has led to our first "no" fit. What do I mean by "no" fit? Well, Elisa decided that the dishwasher looked like a really good place to play while mommy and daddy were unloading it. Some of you may go, wait, what a GREAT teachable moment! She just wants to help with the chores! And to be honest, that was my first thought. But then, the thought of the sharp knives and left over soap residue on the door that she was gripping to keep standing as she reached for the silverware tray entered my mind. And I had images of her deciding the knives were a great new toy...and that side of the battle won.

So we told her no, picked her up, handed her one of her toys and went back to unloading the dishwasher.

This continued for probably 20 repeat patterns.

The first 10, we thought "wow what a fun game!" and would smile and giggle as mommy or daddy carried us back to our toys and would make a beeline right back to the dishwasher. Then we began to realize mommy and daddy were serious about this not playing with the dishwasher thing and so we would whine in frustration whenever she was moved back to her toys. The last 5 or so we got the all out screams and tears of frustration and "I just want to play with that." Finally, we realized mommmy and daddy were REALLY serious and we just were NOT going to get to play with that. So we thought we'd be clever. And crawled over to daddy and clung to his leg as he was standing next to the dishwasher. And reach over from that way. We really had a meltdown once we realized that mommy and daddy were onto our game. And the look she gives you as her little face crumples, tears stream from her little eyes, her little chin quivers and the bellows that can come from those small lungs all breaks your heart!

Good thing about babies is they have REALLY short memories. So less than a minute after the final attempt she was back to her cheery self.

Also, the sleep training is, well, going. We won't go down for naps this way. Just scream and scream and scream. But bed time, we maybe scream or whine for 10 minutes at the most before settling down for the night. So definitely progress from our beginning 45 minute scream fest.

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