Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekend!

Sooooo tired!

I looked forward to this weekend for many reasons. Originally it had been scheduled to go on a trip to see some old family friends and have a reunion. The adults of the three families had been friends since probably 1991 and now, all three sets either have grandchildren or one on the way. The kids were all around the same age. In fact, the eldest of the group babysat my brother and I for a week once and I babysat the youngest in the group as one of my first "charges." One of the children just had their first child in July, the other is due next January, the eldest has two gorgeous children and then there is Elisa. 'Nuff said lol. We haven't all been in the same region since 1996 or 1997, I can't remember now. So this would have been fun! Unfortunately, things didn't work out but I decided to take the time anyway. And just relax. And spend time with my baby. And, well, we did.

Friday, well, I'm tired enough I can't remember lol. I know we slept in, spent some time relaxing and playing on the wii for the first time in a long time. We also took Elisa to the park to see what she thought about swings and slides. Both of which were epic fails. We then took a walk through the park and just lounged next to the pond and "people watched." I think more people looked and stared at Elisa than we looked at them.

Saturday was another gorgeous rest day. It started with some garage saleing, yay! Complete with more wii time and to bed early. Sunday was our labor day celebration and we left Elisa with Grandma and spent a few good hours at a friends house being "childless." It was, I think, the first time I've ever really enjoyed myself without having Elisa around. Guess I just truly needed the break. However...Elisa decided that NOW was the time to start crawling. When we weren't home to see it.

Monday was Grandpa's birthday and we took a long walk in the park complete with a picnic. Elisa finished off the day with a taste of Grandpa's pie...

I've been terrified of letting her try new foods and finally decided to just "get over it." Elisa had fun...and mommy didn't worry too much.

Tuesday became baby proofing and laundry day. Elisa helped. With the laundry anyway. Not so sure what she's thinking of all the gates up and the constant "no" she is now hearing.

Ok I think I may take a nap. Or something. Sorry for the totally un-creative post, it's entirely too hard to think at this point in time. :)

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