Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday Grandpa King!

On the road again!

On Friday, we decided to drive up to Andrew's home town to visit Grandpa and Grandma King and celebrate Grandpa King's birthday.

It was a long day but we had a great time! We did learn one thing though. Elisa defies the norm again in that she will NOT sleep in the car. We had hoped that when we got her all ready for bed and fed and placed her in the car seat she would sleep peacefully on the 3 hour trip home. Nope. Not our girl. She long as the car remained in constant, even motion. Once we stopped, or slowed down, or even had any sort of jerky movement, she would wake up and scream. I spent the entire trip home in the backseat with her trying different things to keep her sleeping or put her back to sleep after we woke up. Once we got home and pulled the car in the garage, she woke up again. And this time we had to work to get her back to sleep. BUT we did sleep through the night and Andrew and I were able to sleep in until 8!

I have finally gotten over my fears of new foods I think. We've been trying all sorts of different foods and even will break up pieces of our meals and give them to her. She's doing great with them all, although chicken nuggets were a big FAIL. We got every bit of those back. *yuck*

And, we are coming a long way on our standing attempts. This, of course, means we have now come across our first boo boo.

We were sooo proud of ourselves for standing up on our own and grabbing a cloth off of the chair that we decided to celebrate by waving our arms and trying to bounce. This, of course, was a bit much for our newly learned skill and we toppled forward and scraped our nose and made it bleed. Needless to say, we were NOT happy.

And our new favorite game is to chase daddy. Yes, chase daddy. She is crawling so well that she is exploring new, never seen territory, in the house. She's crawled from her room to the guest room and back. Then decided to come back and visit me in the living room. And this was after a rousing game of chase daddy. One day I'll get it on video, but right now she gets so fixated on the camera that she stops chasing daddy and poses for the camera instead. This child has no personality...

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