Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The countdown begins....

The countdown to 1.

Yes. We are 11 months old. Today. And wow, what a ride this has been.

We started out so little, that to see her standing next to her daddy, or her head popping up over furniture brings a special joy to my heart.

We are crawling and pulling up so well that we are into EVERYTHING.

We've even learned how to crawl up stairs...courtesy of our night at grandma's last weekend.

And we've even landed our FIRST cold. That we, of course, shared with the rest of the household.

We've also begun to cruise the furniture, not just pull up on it. We've learned the skill of using objects to help us cruise between several pieces of furniture, so we can actually get across the room in record time and on our feet. Walking before 1? Call me crazy, I probably am, but I had always hoped that my children would walk before 1. I don't know why, just had. So when Elisa came so early, I dropped that hope. But now...it actually seems achievable. Just another way this child has shown that she is, indeed, not early. Just little. A rock star.

So I'll leave you with our 11 month photo shoot. Don't expect an update on her actual birthday next month. We will be enjoying our time in DC as I will be working. Our birthday was in Phoenix. Our first birthday will be in DC. Anyone want to guess where our 2nd birthday will be spent?

Oh...and at 12 months, I think I'm going to have to stop these monthly photo shoots. It's getting too hard to get her to sit still long enough to get any pictures. These were the best I could get and they are not good.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped at 12 months too. Got to crazy. Wish I could be in DC to celebrate with you guys later this month.