Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tried the swimming thing again!

Lots more fun today! We even dunked our face in the water and splashed water in our eyes and didn't mind!

Here we are actually laughing!

We were so worn out that we are napping on mom's shoulder right now.

I'll leave you with this image of Daddy and Elisa.


Becky said...

lisa- I showed these videos to my husband (he actually gets in the pool during swim lessons - so he is more knowledgeable than me) and we both agree that you totally have a pool lover on your hands. Seriously, we watch new kids get in the pool in Isaac's lesson and just flip out. lesson two and she is splashing and doesn't mind water in her face - you guys are great and she is going to be awesome in the water!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Becky! Yeah, she loved it. She seems to think it's just one big bathtub. Kind of glad we don't have a pool in our yard as she loves it so much I'm thinking she'd go for it as much as she could. Thinking we need to get her in official lessons as she's natural with it.