Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 months!

I'm a bit late on this post, seeing as how it is June already. But you'll have to forgive me. It's been extremely busy in our neck of the woods and I've been so worn out by the time the evening comes around and little miss is in bed that I've not had the brain power to do anything but crash.

So we are seven months!

We were concentrating on sitting so much that I think we forgot to smile, lol! Oh well, I still think she's adorable and you can see how much she has grown. I still find it hard to believe she's 7 months old. And that it's June. And that she's now been here longer than I was pregnant lol!

We have tried many new things. Carrots.

Sweet Potatoes.

Crawling. Don't have a picture of this one yet. Takes both mommy and daddy to get her "into position" lol.

None of which we have liked very much. We keep trying the carrots and sweet potatoes, only get a few spoonfuls in before we start turning up our noses and pushing the spoon away. But, seeing as how we are now 12 lbs 1 oz, I'm not so worried about how much of the veggies she gets. She's scarfing enough of the formula down and I think our ped is letting us do the veggies just to make mommy and daddy happy lol. The ped still wants her main nutrition to be coming from the formula so that takes precedence over the veggies.

We have been working with her on crawling, but so far all we get is a face plant. She much prefers to be on her feet balancing on us. She's very strong and can even sort of "step" but really prefers to bounce. (Forgive me the blurriness of this one. Catching her in motion with my camera is a bit difficult. I'll figure out the settings at some point and hopefully get a clear shot of her in this at some point.)

But we are mobile in our own way. We manage to change our location through a combination of twists, kicks, bends and can even find ourselves in a different place in the crib than where I started. Just the other morning, Andrew walked in to find her at the top of the crib with her arms wrapped around the bars. Here's how we found her this morning:

We usually go to bed by 8 (7:30 really, but mommy likes the cuddle time so we sleep in mommy's arms until 8) and we can normally wake up between 6 and 7. If it's before 7, we play to ourself in the crib and you can hear the most precious sounds as we coo, twist, plop and have a blast until Mom or dad comes to get us. You can see above how we found her after such a play session this morning.

Strong willed child is not strong enough a description to describe her, I'm afraid. We were doing very well on our naps. Until this weekend. And we are just refusing all but the afternoon. Maybe we only need one? But we get so cranky in the morning and fall asleep so easily with our routine, but the second our back hits that crib, our eyes pop wide open and our legs go up and our arms stretch out. Mom is tired today from battling her and eventually an impromptu car ride took care of the napping issue.

I'll leave you with a clip from our weekend. We had the special event of having both sets of grandparents around to give us their undivided attention and we did enjoy it. Here's a portion of it, showing the most wonderful sound in the world. Our laughter.

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Becky said...

oh my goodness. she is soo big and doing so well. she is just absolutly gorgeous in that first picture too!