Monday, March 1, 2010

4 months old

So, I've been trying to get to this post for a couple of days now, but I keep getting sidetracked by either editing the template or a little miss who is quite demanding at times. It seems to me that she's lost that happy go lucky attitude she had while in the NICU and has moved to a all me all the time attitude. She's definitely making her presence known and is keeping us guessing on what she really wants!

So, Elisa is 4 months old as of yesterday. Her personality is still ever present. She loves sticking her tongue out for pictures.

It appears she will definitely have blue eyes (no surprise there, both Andrew and I have blue eyes.) The question is, will it be the bright blue of mine or the darker blue of Andrew's? That is still to be determined.

We have our 4 month check up on Thursday and I'm hoping for 9 lbs. At her last appt about 2 weeks ago, she was 8lbs 3 oz, and the way she's been porking it up, I can definitely see her making that 9 lb mark. Just to compare...I took this picture. The doll pictured is a 14 inch long doll and I've placed some of her preemie clothes on it.

I still am taken aback when I look at her compared to this doll. I knew she was little when she was born, and I knew she had grown. But by that much?

And she's thriving! She's eating up a storm, which mom and I just laugh about now. Especially after all the struggles we had with getting her to eat before her release. Sometimes I can't get enough in her fast enough to suit her. She's started to throw fits when I stop to burp her as well. She'll push up on her feet, scream and stamp her feet until she burps or gets her bottle back. And she loves being on her feet. She's gotten so strong and can even hold herself somewhat erect. If we hold her by her hips, she has all of her weight on her legs and while her upper body wiggles and looks like someone who's had too much to drink, she manages to keep herself mostly upright. And she loves to sit! We bought her a bumbo chair (which apparently are very popular! We searched for a used one and even though we jumped on every one that was recent...they were already sold...) and, depending on her mood, she loves to be in it. Andrew calls it her "throne." I'll have to get a picture of her on it. it.

Since this is just fun to do for comparison purposes, I'll leave you with a photo timeline from birth to 4 months.


One month old

Two months old

Three months old

Four months old


Becky said...

Lisa - The blog looks awesome!! She's soo big, and the black and red dress was so cute!

Lisa said...

Thanks! That was our Christmas dress from Grandma...that we are just now fitting in, lol! I can't get photoshop to do what I really want (combining three photos, etc) so I just gave up and left it at that one. The last time I really used graphics programs was corel draw, photoshop and illustrator have been beyond me.

JRae120380 said...

WOW she has grown so much - I cannot believe how big she looks next to the baby doll! I gotta try this with Addison, that is just amazing to see!