Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 month check up

So we had our four month check up today, including our 4 month vaccines. YUCK.

I was a bit worried about this one just because she'd been so fussy the last few days I was worried she may be sick. But she decided to be her cute, flirtatious self and charmed all the staff. She babbled, and cooed and talked throughout. They asked all the normal "is she doing this, is she doing that" type questions. She seemed to be pretty good on all of them.

We had a different doc than the one we normally see, which I'm not too upset about. Truth be told, I rather liked her better. She asked if there was anything we were concerned about so we discussed her reflux and the zantac. She looked Elisa over and during that she noticed the dry skin/eczema/rash I've asked about for the last few months. She wonders if Elisa doesn't have a cow's milk protein allergy, which could explain her reflux and general fussiness. So we had two options. Take her completely off breast milk and go to straight, non-milk special formula, or I can remove all traces of dairy from my diet and still use a non-milk special formula for the supplementing. As much as I love my child, I love my milk. So we are on a two week experiment of formula only. I guess God was telling me it was time to give up breast feeding. I had been struggling with it, especially with supply issues, and the fact that I feel caged in and unable to get out because I always have to be where she is in order to feed her. And with my upcoming trip looming, I didn't know how I was going to get enough of a supply built up for her to have while I was away. If this is the problem...and we have to give her only formula from now solves a lot of those problems. It's rather "freeing" as it releases me from my "failure" notions.

And the other thing she her typical fashion...was show off. The doctor picks her up and places her on her belly to see how well she holds herself up, etc. Well, Elisa decided she did NOT want to be on her belly, so she pushes with her little left arm, throws her shoulder and hip back and whacks her head on the mirror as she rolls herself onto her back. We just kind of watched her in shock. Every time I try to put her on her belly she screams and flails and ends up with her face planted in the blanket sucking on her fist. Elisa didn't even seem to realize what she'd done, she just looked up at the doctor and cooed. The doctor put her back to see if she'd do it again, but we only received our typical reaction. Cry in frustration, find her fist with her mouth and suck in satisfaction. Ah well, hopefully this is just the first of many attempts.

She also received her vaccines which has left me with one fussy baby. I just hate those cries of misery, they break your heart. Lets hope tomorrow with the combination of the new formula and being over the shots will bring me my little relaxed, laid back kiddo.


Becky said...

Good luck with the formula. I gave up milk for a bit, but I couldn't stand it. I am a yogurt and cows milk kind of girl. We have the milk protein allergy as well - our GI stepped us down slowly and we are actually on Nestle goodstart gentle plus which is only whey protein - the casein is the bad one. He stepped us there to see if he would tolerate it, and we stopped there. I wish you luck with formula. It is nice at certain times!

Lindsay N said...

You know, being on First Steps will hopefully just be a precaution. You shouldn't be worried about it, obviously you are an amazing mom and this is just one more way you intervened early which is a huge step that you are doing RIGHT for her. Something that you can control and you did the best thing possible. All kids are different and you get the most "bang for your buck" from birth to age 5 so, get all the help you can get and know that you made the conscious, controllable choice to help her the best you were able to!