Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You may be

Too busy to spend much time in my lap.  Too curious about this world you are discovering to slow down long enough for a hug.

Too concerned with everything your sister is doing that you can't to notice just what you are doing (that you didn't know you can do.)

Too curious about what you can and CAN'T shove in your mouth.  (You know.  The bird poo at the park really isn't something you should eat.)

But you know what?  I love how, through it all, you still come to me and place my hand on your cheek.  In fact, sometimes you are down right insistent on it to the point that you make me stand still for a moment.  Just so I can be with you for a moment, cradling your cheek, dimples and all, in my hand.

Thank you for being you.

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