Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'll admit it.  I'm probably one of the least craftiest people in the world.  Which is rather odd, since I'm a creative type.  What with writing, music and a burgeoning hobby in photography, it seems like I have a rather large amount of creative blood in me.  It's just never coincided with a craft-y side.  So, for awhile I've just let others be the point man for crafts, especially regular weekly library times, and we had a good dose of it when we were in First Steps.

So, yesterday, I decided I wanted to try crafts.  Why?  Not sure.  Maybe to give daddy a break during the day, to give the kids a chance to focus on something and make something and also to spend time with them.  I mean I'm here all day, but I never spend time with them.  I also, still, never take a lunch break.  So...let's try combining the two and maybe I'll step away from my desk for some much needed time with my babies.  Who, after all, are growing up way too fast.

I turned to facebook and pinterest to gather suggestions and found this neat craft I wanted to try.   The fact that the "paint" (colored evaporated milk) dried with a sheen to it appealed to me, so I charged daddy with picking up some craft paint brushes at the dollar store on the way home from the library today and I giddily prepared the paint and the camera.  To attempt to get some proof that I do, in fact, exist.  :)


Only problem?  Apparently the dollar store doesn't carry craft paint brushes.  So instead of painting paper, we painted bread!  Using what I had in the house (You know, all of those medicine droppers you get EVERY time you get a prescription for your kid?  And you keep, thinking I'll need them someday but they just take up space in your medicine box?  Yeah, those.  Worked like a charm!!)

Elisa LOVED it.  I just had to show her how to squeeze the dropper to get the paint a few times and then she went at it.

Aidan on the other hand was more interested in eating the bread than painting it.

This was another pinterest activity I had found.  You were supposed to "toast" the bread after painting it, and I thought that Elisa might be more willing to eat her lunch if she had a part in making it.  We made the painted bread into grilled cheese sandwiches.   She didn't eat it, but she did exclaim after we were done that she "had a lot of fun painting bread, mommy!"

I guess, in the end, that was the best part.

So tomorrow?  We'll see what craft we do tomorrow.  :)

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