Monday, March 4, 2013

Crazy, busy weekend!

Seems like we have been running full speed ahead forever now!  By the time the weekend is over, I feel like I need another weekend just to recover!

Even though this last week ended up being slower than expected since Elisa did NOT go to her first day of pre-school thanks to the massive amounts of snow (another 12 inch storm) that pushed it off until this week.  I guess it was just trying to keep two kids entertained when you were stuck inside (which daddy did a GREAT job of) while shoveling snow, working and still trying to play.
 So when this weekend came I was looking forward to some great RELAXING time.  But of course, that is something that does not exist working full time with two kids.  I may not have to do the majority of the housework, but I do have my own chores to get done...which I'm failing at miserably.  Along with trying to give daddy more of a break and entertain the kids.  But we also had the March for Babies fundraising kick off event at a local indoor park.  And since it included free admission to this insanely expensive park, how could we pass it up?  Even if it was over nap time.

The lighting sucked so I couldn't really get anything good.  Not to mention the massive amounts of kids and the fact that I'm just not aggressive enough to get the shot I want so this is all I could get.  We never did get to leave the foam ball area and explore the other parts.  The kids just had so much fun in this area we spent all 2 hours there.  Then headed home to try to keep two overtired kids entertained until bedtime.  Give the kid a camera strap, my iPhone and a toy car and he will happily sit for a photo shoot for me lol.

His sister, on the other hand, no matter what I do prefers to show me her backside once the camera comes out.

I did, however, get her to "pose" for her official 1st day of pre-school photos on Sunday.  Of course, I did have daddy's help for those and she just reacts better to him.  Such a daddy's girl.

On the plate for this week?  Pre-school.  I'm really hoping we don't start catching a lot of bugs from this.  We've been extremely lucky in that we have stayed very healthy this year, with the exception of a cold here and there.

So we'll see.  Onto spring...and return of warmer weather and playing out doors and longer hours of sunshine and maybe some more photo ops?  I'll be bugging friends for test subjects come this spring since my kids are getting awfully tired of being the subject.  :)

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