Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Craft day three

So far so good...It's Wednesday and I've managed a craft every day!  (Monday's was a simple trace hand, make a Thing 1 out of it, and I didn't blog it.)

Today, I went through and discarded several options, just didn't have everything I needed for it.  Then I saw an image of a fish on contact paper with cut out squares of construction paper and went, perfect!  I have all of that.  So I prepared it and sat the kids down.

Oddly enough, Aidan took to the project much more than Elisa did.  She was much more interested in her movie than she was in the craft, even though she had been asking all morning about her craft for that day.  We practically had to tear Aidan away, almost kicking and screaming, so I could finish up his project for him.  He kept asking for more squares to stick on it.

Overall, not too bad for my non crafty self.  Might make different versions of this in the future, at least for Aidan, since it proved to be so engaging for him.

The finished product!

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