Saturday, February 4, 2012

Has it really been 8 weeks?

In all honesty, it seems like its been MUCH longer. However, we may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just maybe.

Recent happenings? Aidan is up to 10 lb 10 oz. He gained EIGHT ounces in FOUR days. Holy weight gain batman! Part of that may have been helped by a bottle of formula he ended up having. Why? Because I had gotten to the end of my rope with his fussiness and thought just maybe it was something I was eating. So I thought to try that to see if he responded any better and if he did I could begin the elimination to figure out what. I also was so frustrated with the way be ALWAYS eats I was halfway to quitting.

What did I learn? While giving him that bottle, I felt the best that I had in weeks. Followed by instant guilt, so much so that I about started to cry. I've just wanted to do what was best for him. I didn't want to give up so easily, like I did with Elisa.

So I went for help to a consultant, who told me that mechanically everything was perfect. He latched right, transferred wonderfully and handled the fast letdown beautifully. She said we were doing great. And those dreaded words...this too shall pass. How many times have I heard that these last 8 weeks lol! I want this "too" to have passed by now. She also told me to stop pumping as it was just stressing me out too much and to get out of the house without the kids. And I did.

End result, I received the encouragement I needed to keep going. Andrew watched both kids during the fussy hours, and got Elisa to bed on time and Aidan In the process Of being fed. And also convinced them that apparently my ppd isn't managed well enough and my doctor called to try to rework my meds lol. Dang.

Anyway, since I caved and asked for help, things have just felt all that much better. Aidan even seems less fussy. In fact, last night, we had a great family play time!

And today, Aidan has spent some time in his crib again. For the first time in several weeks. Thanks to the radio, he seems to last a bit longer. 30-45 minutes for now but hopefully that time will just get a bit longer.

So mommy and daddy got some adult time! Both kids in their respective rooms by 8. It only lasted for 30 min before Aidan asked for attention but it's more than we've had in 8 weeks lol.

So I'll sign off for tonight. Hopefully we will have a good night tonight...we all need some good rest in this house.

Good night!

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Beth said...

You are doing great! So honest, and it is refreshing (I know not the word you would use to describe life now). Keep doing what-ever works for you, big hug.