Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Could it be?

Am I dreaming?

Twice yesterday, Aidan put himself to sleep. Not only did he put himself to sleep, but he did it in his crib.

So far, he's done it once today! And he's been sleeping for almost 2 hours?! You mean three hours between feeds??

What's different? Age? Maybe no longer in a growth spurt? I did several new things yesterday in an attempt to get him down.

1. On the suggestion of a friend, removed a layer of clothing. I left him in just a short sleeved onesie and cotton pants. I also didn't swaddle him.
2. Changed the type of pacifier.
3. Turned his fan on low over his crib so he can see it.
4. Put his black and white toy on his fan strings. It's a cutout of a face with just eyes and nose and is just black and white. He loves to stare at it when I'm burping him on the couch, where it had been stationed. Decided to try it in there.
5. Turned his radio on to a radio station.
6. Left a shirt with my scent on it in there.

Which one was the winning ticket? I have NO idea. Everything but the radio was brand new yesterday. (Tried the shirt trick before and it didn't work at all, he seemed to know it was a trick.)

So whatever it was...I'm just glad it seems to be working. And hope this trend continues...

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