Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random thoughts

1. I am NOT a FAILURE. So please don't make me feel like one because my baby was early. It was NOT my fault. Or the fact that I didn't have a natural delivery. Or didn't breastfeed past 4 months.
2. Yes, my baby is 8 months old and yes she is just 14 lbs. So what?
3. Yes, I do work with her on her bottles. She's a distracted eater and if I don't be a bit "forceful" with her, she won't EAT.

Otherwise, we had a great weekend. I'll talk about it more tomorrow when I'm not so exhausted. We went up to Iowa for a long overdue baby shower from Andrew's church back home and saw our host family again, yay!! It was so much fun! :)


BabyfaceCherry said...

Don't let other ppl bring you down cause of the stuff they are telling you! They just don't know it better! And it will never end. My oldest did throw a fit at the store today and I just ignored it. Ppl did treat me like I'm a awful Mom.. hey.. whatever! You don't know this kid.. it's non of your buisness!
You are doing GREAT! You are her Mom and you know better then anybody what your child need!
Be happy about every smile she give you and try to not care about other ppl.. they don't walk in your shoes !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some not friendly folks over the weekend. You aren't a failure and it wasn't your fault she came early. Everyone's healthy and that's what matters. Have more to comment but will email you.