Sunday, April 25, 2010

The power of faith?

I found myself having quite an interesting conversation with God last night. As we were driving home from our date night, I found myself thinking of all the girls on the preemie parenting board. And found it interesting that many of the girls profess a faith in God, and a lot of a strong faith in Christ.

So it made me wonder, does God send a lot of the preemies to women of faith, knowing that because of our faith we can handle it more? I didn't like that thought process, because it smacked to me of almost a "punishment" to His faithful.

But then I realized, it's not because they have faith they had preemies. It's because of their faith that they want to HELP other moms of preemies get through this. And in that way, God is showing His presence to these women in this horrible and frightening time of their life.

And I God, you really ARE there. I don't always see you. In fact, it seems that at the times I am not looking for you, and in fact are stubbornly crossing my arms in anger at what I perceive as you "doing" to me, you are standing right there in the most obvious of places. Probably laughing at my childish fit.

It really struck me as I watched this group of girls rally around another of our friends. She had a 29 week preemie, also in October, but her little boy never made it home. He spent six months in the NICU before passing away on Thursday. All of us are utterly heartbroken. Many of us rallied resources to try to get her some help.

We can't get there in person, but we are there in spirit. We love you Joshy. We love you Yesenia.

I don't have candles in church that I can light for Joshy, but I took this picture yesterday in tribute to him.

God is there. He doesn't always come in the angel of saving grace. Sometimes He comes in the words of love and support from far away friends. Sometimes He comes in miracles. Sometimes He comes in the tragedies. Sometimes He comes in the healing arms of a friend, or the smile of a baby.

Where will you find Him today?

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