Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 weeks

I recently came across a mom on my preemie parenting board who had her little one on October 8, 2009. She was due January 12, 2010. She had her baby one day before I landed in the hospital with Elisa.

It shows me where we could have been. I don't know too many details of how her baby is doing, but what I can read between the lines is she's struggling. Her baby was in the NICU for 90 + days, as opposed to the 49 we were in.

It breaks my heart. As many things do lately. But every time I see a post from this mom or something on her baby, I think that could have been me. I am pretty sure she looks at Elisa, and wonders what her baby would have been like had she been able to get those 3 extra weeks.

Thank you, Lord, for those 3 extra weeks.

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