Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess What!?

We're home! Literally home! And please don't hate me for not updating this for the longest time. It's been a long road here with much to do.

So what happened? Well, we had initially thought we would be released from the hospital on the 11th, but we had some issues with eating and gaining weight after the eye exam and shots and other busy days earlier that week. So we had to wait and see if she could get back on track with her eating and begin gaining weight again. Over that weekend, she began to again take her full bottles and packing on the pounds, although she wasn't gaining as much as they really wanted her to. Still, they felt good that she would be released on the 14th. I didn't plan for it, lol. I knew anything could happen between now and then and after getting my hopes up previously, I didn't want to feel that disappointment again. Sunday, Dec 13th, overnight, she had to pass one final test before we knew if she could go home. That was the car seat test. Still, our primary night nurse felt so confident that she would pass that she was almost in tears as I said good night to her. She knew it would be her last night to work with Elisa and loved her. Long and short...she passed! So I arrived at the hospital on the 14th and we walked out the door by noon!

We previously had tickets home for the 18th so we spent the week in Phoenix at a local hotel. Unfortunately, one of our host family became ill on the 14th and we just couldn't risk staying there with her. :( We were so disappointed because they had been wonderful and we were looking forward to spending that week with them.

Elisa handled her first plane ride like a champ. We kept quiet on my return home because we had planned to surprise Andrew's parents. They came down Saturday the 19th to find Elisa and I home already. They thought they were going to go to the airport with Andrew to pick us all up. Instead they walked into the nursery and there we were. It was sooo much fun!!

So really other than posting a few pictures of her on Christmas day, there's not much that's been going on. We've been adjusting to our new "normal." Andrew and I are learning to live with each other again, lol. 2 months is a LONG time to be apart. But I am sooo thrilled to be home and am enjoying my time immensely.

Oh, and by the way, we are two months old today!! Her personality comes out more each day.

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Becky said...

OH MY! I'm so thrilled you go to go home!! What a great Christmas present!