Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well it's been a busy a few weeks. What with Christmas and New Years celebrations and preparing for Andrew's return to school, it feels like I've hardly gotten anything done! Not to mention that just getting a shower on most days feels like an accomplishment. And anymore, Elisa insists on being held during the day time. I can get her to settle at night and sleep with the darkness, but when it's light, she only wants to sleep on one of us. If you put her down, she instantly starts fussing. I feel incredibly unproductive any more and it's entirely against my nature to be unproductive. So I did something about it.

I made a moby wrap. 2 for the price of, well, one? The name brand goes for around $40 bucks and I got two for $15! So I wondered around yesterday and some today with her in it and seemed to appease her. But I'm not so sure about it yet. While she feels pretty secure in it, when you get too active with bending and lifting, her head has a tendency to slip out. After that happened a few times, she went to daddy as I was too afraid to keep carrying her around. But the productivity paid off.

Some wonderful friends of mine set up my nursery for me while I was in Arizona in the way I was going to. But after a few weeks of living in it that way, it became apparent it wasn't going to work. I didn't have enough storage for everything I had and I still am getting more! So, for a grand total of $60 I gave myself a closet makeover!

So far it's working fabulously. We'll continue to live with it and see if I need to improve on anything else in there but I feel excellent for getting it taken care of. I hope I can continue the productivity. Now, if I could only convince Elisa of the merits of sleeping ALL night! :-D


Becky said...

You have some awesome friends for them to set your nursery up! I love your wrap! She will benefit so much from that! I had Isaac in one a bit and recently we got an Ergo carrier. I like carrying him too!

Michelle said...

Yep. Liam is in his wrap right now! He pretty much loves it but I think I might love it more. :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you'll get it figured out and the productivity will return. Will she sit in her bouncy chair? Love the closet makeover.