Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's going to be a long night

And it started off so well! Andrew and I have talked about getting Elisa on a "schedule" and getting her to bed earlier so we could get to bed earlier, and finally today...enough talk! We did it and it worked beautifully! We fed her at 7, held her up for a while, bathed her, massaged her and put her to bed. All, miraculously, with little to no spit up! That was a big deal as I've recently begun to suspect she has reflux and has been consistently spitting up for hours and hours after her feeds. She was in bed by 9:10 and Andrew and I settled down for some child free time. Well, then 10 pm came.

I had to feed her one last time before she was "officially" down for the night. So I went in to get her at 10 and she was sleeping peacefully. Well, I picked her up anyway and vomit explosion! She projectile vomited all over me! Yes, mom, I did get over my ick factor. So I brought her over to her changing table to check her temperature and lo and behold, she spit up again. Checked her diaper and temperature (slightly low but not enough to worry about) and then went to swaddle her again when she spit up AGAIN. This time all over her sleeve and collar. Then I attempted to feed her and she spit up a few more times and belched a bit. At this point I gave up on feeding her and just held her. And decided, she's not getting put down tonight. So, I will be up all night, figuring out how to entertain myself and seeing how comfy the recliner is in her room. I have an inkling that the answer is going to be not very.

Thankfully I already had a pedi appt scheduled for tomorrow. I'll be making lots of use out of it this time.

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Becky said...

I'm really sorry about the reflux. It makes babies miserable. Isaac has been on prevacid for about 5 months. I hope it gets better for you!