Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick update

Well, our favorite nurse was on yesterday - one who is one of our few primaries. She noticed all of the inconsistencies and frustrations we were having and went to work. We now have a written plan in place in Elisa's file, she brought in the big doctor on campus to talk to us and posted signs around her room. The signs are basically saying "I'm small, but I'm mighty - give me a chance and I might surprise you!" I'll post pictures of them later, she really did a great job with it. Overall, it brought me back to being able to deal and renewed my confidence that she will be taken care of when I'm not here.

More later, with photos, I promise.

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Becky said...

Ok, I totally want to see photos! Right on. I love when you have a nurse who will help you advocate! We had one of those too, and she helped me rearrange the NICU room so that I could sit in the corner and kangaroo privately. Keep fighting kiddo!