Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Two weeks!

Not too much to really update with. Elisa made birth weight today, yay! It was the doctor's goal to get her back up to that by two weeks and she made it. The one area she is underachieving in, sheesh. Just has to be weight, right? Not like someone she's related to. Otherwise, she is still breathing on her own, she's made it to full feeds and this time is handling the extra fortifier. (Previous attempts, she gave back all she was given so they had to take the fortifier out).

Andrew and I are hanging in there. This is a very stressful time for both of us, made even more stressful by the enforced separation. I can't imagine being in Andrew's shoes and having to leave us both behind. At least I get the comfort of sitting with her and seeing her. We are doing pretty well with the situation before us and I can only credit God with providing us both with the strength needed to get through this. I am very thankful for Andrew and I know he will be a very involved father and I can't wait to give him the opportunity.

So here we are at two weeks old. I swear she's bigger, but you can't really tell.

Thanks Sadie and Lauren for my comfy blankey. I really like it!

She's showing her orneriness again today. We kept pushing the hat up out of her eyes and she would pull it back down.

So happy 2 weeks Elisa!

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BabyfaceCherry said...

She looks beautiful to me! :-) Good luck that she comes home with you soon!