Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4 weeks today!

So not too much really to update. We've had a good week. We talked about trying real feeds on Friday, and Elisa decided that was too much. She spit up and bradied once the words were out of the doctors mouth. She dropped her stats enough that they needed to remind her to breathe, so they consider that an event. It was too funny. Guess we forgot to consult with her first. So they decided she wasn't quite ready yet.

Andrew arrived Monday night for Thanksgiving. Both Elisa and I are very happy to have him here. Elisa got some good daddy and me time in on Tuesday and Elisa took a big nap on his chest.

We also went to see the Blind Side before heading up to the hospital. I will say it was a very good movie, but I had difficulty concentrating. The main reason is because I felt so extremely guilty for going out and spending a morning at the movies while Elisa was at the hospital. I know that we are encouraged by the staff to get out and take care of ourselves and spend time with each other outside of the hospital, but I couldn't help thinking that I WOULDN'T be at the movies if she weren't in the hospital. If I had to care for her myself, I wouldn't be able to go. Simply because I wouldn't fork over the cash to hire a baby sitter just to go to a morning movie during the week!

Anyway. Today was a very exciting day, as we tried feeding finally. And Elisa, again, showed her stardom. She latched on almost immediately and fed for 4 consecutive minutes. The consultant was thrilled. It was more than she expected from her seeing as she's still so young and little. But she took to it almost immediately. We did have to encourage her a bit but she got it. We still fed her through the tube for her full feeding, but it was very encouraging to see her accomplish this small step. Makes me feel like we are that much closer to bringing her home. It was kind of funny to watch her, though. As she is still little, she doesn't quite have the suck, swallow and breathe concept down. So you could see her thinking through the steps almost. She'd take a couple of sucks, swallow a few big swallows, stop and then breathe a few times and start over again.

So happy 4 weeks, my love. She's now 3 lb 9 oz and growing like a weed. 7 more ounces for her to get to 4 lbs! I can't believe she'll be a month old on Saturday.

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