Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take time to...

Ever since I started working from home, I tend to have the local news on in the background. And there is one thing I've started noticing as a common theme. Time. Take time to exercise. Take time to eat healthy, etc etc. Today I found myself becoming frustrated with this. Here is a list of the items that in a typical week that I need to "take time to"

1. Exercise (2.5 hours a week)
2. Cook dinner (4 hours a week)
3. Read/engage in a daily devotional (5 chapters a day! 7 hours a week)
4. Work (40 hours a week)
5. Quality time with Andrew (5 hours a week)
6. Clean the house (2-3 hours a week)
7. Pay bills (1 hour a week)
8. Maintain the monthly budget (1 hour a week)
9. Iron clothes (1 hour a week)
10. Sleep (56 hours a week)
11. Grocery shop (1 hour a week)
12. Church (2 hours a week)
13. Band rehearsal (3 hours a week)
14. Practice (3 hours a week)
15. Bible Study (2 hours a week)
16. Accountability groups (0.5 hours a week)
17. House maintenance (1 hour a week)
18. Drive time to get to all the various places (3 hours a week)
19. Personal Hygiene (14 hours a week)
20. Eating (10.5 hours a week)
Total hours occupied: 160.5
Total hours in a week: 168
Total free hours: 7.5

Well this exercise was good for one thing. It helped me realize I have a few hours to goof off! Certainly doesn't feel that way as I'm going through the week. Now what will I do with that time?!?

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