Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is there ever a too much?

Sometimes I wonder, really, how much one person can take. What it is that finally pushes them over the edge and crosses that invisible line.

Once again I find myself full of inexpressible anger and sadness for my friends. Just over a year ago I had to watch my family deal with the anger and pain of a suicide. And again, I am standing on the sidelines, watching friends deal with the same thing. Again I'm between anger and tears. Feels like it just brings back all the emotions that I never dealt with when Amanda died.

Why are we so selfish? What is it about us that truly believes that we are the only one who matters. Do we truly love others? I'm beginning to think we are incapable of love. How can one profess to love another, but then put them through this kind of pain? When one harms themselves like this, they are, in effect, rejecting the ones left behind. Telling them they weren't worth living for. If you are struggling with this sort of thing, please please get help. Don't let it come to this. You may be in all sorts of pain, but it causes all sorts of pain to those left behind.

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