Monday, May 13, 2013

What I love about you, Aidan. 17 months

1.  How you come up to me frequently through the day and wrap your arms around my leg and kiss me.  Complete with the "mwah" kissing sound.
2.  How your face lights up and you drop anything you have once you see me if it's been a while since you last have.
3.  How you give anyone you see a hug, even complete stranger children at the playground.
4.  How if we poke your belly and tell you to dance, you spin in place until you are so dizzy you fall down.
5.  How you find any pole at a playground and run around it.
6.  How you constantly "rearrange" things.  Rocks in the landscaping, balls in the toybox.  Placemats on the table.  Arm rest covers from my grandmother's chair.
7.  Your slobbery kisses.  Your dirt filled grasp on my white shirt.  The raspberries on my belly.
8.  How you grab your ultrasound picture daily after bath and insist on showing it to me.  As if you know and remember being warm and comfy in my belly.

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