Friday, May 24, 2013



I know I don't have many followers and I'm not sure how many actually read this (ha!) but of any that I do have, you may have noticed it's been rather quiet around here really.

Maybe this will tell you why:

Aidan is almost 18 months old...and has shown us those terrible two fits in a terrible way.  The last few days have been stocked full of crying fits over being told no to something.  In this case, it started out as not being allowed on the sink, to wanting to reach into the sink but not being tall enough.  And then we couldn't stand on the chair I gave him to try to pacify him.  Oh no.  We had to sit in it and still couldn't reach the sink.  Which made us even more mad.  And then, mommy did the worst thing ever.  Wanted his paci to try to get a picture...

(Really it's more just lack of time and real "news" to well as the fact that I'm fast running out of space for my "free" blogger subscription and don't feel like figuring out what to do about that yet...)

Anyway.  There may be more activity around here coming up.  You may or may not have noticed the change in the "quality" of the pictures I've been posting.  I've been trying to teach myself photography and recently joined a group of other photographers who are committing to doing a "365."  In other words, one picture a day for a year.  I decided to try to push myself and use this to really get better and grow my skills.  I may post them here as well.

And that's really all.  Aidan is almost 18 months.  Elisa is 3.5 years.  Both are a challenge, but what a wonderful challenge.

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