Monday, April 9, 2012

The insanity continues!

I made it through my first week back, phew! Elisa has not handled the transition all of that well and would get really upset when I would head downstairs to work. It didn't help that she saw me each time I went upstairs to get more water or go to the bathroom, then the whining and crying would start all over when I headed back downstairs. This also resulted in fierce battles at bedtime. Even this morning when I left to go downstairs and told her I was going to work, her little puppy dog eyes screamed at me "no mommy don't go!"

This has resulted in some pretty cute two year old clips though. For instance, she keeps insisting she wants to "help mommy work." So when we were just hanging out downstairs on Saturday, she climbed up into my desk, started doodling on my notebook and picking up my phone.

On the one hand it's absolutely adorable. On the other, it kind of breaks my heart. This is the transition time for all of us, but it will get easier!

Here is just a small visual recap of our weekend.

Aidan is trying more and more to sit up unassisted. Yes. Crazy.

Elisa spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Grandpa King.

Aidan had about 1 hours worth of time in his cute Easter outfit. Safe to say our attempts to get his pooper moving more regularly and without as much trauma are working.

And Elisa got to enjoy super sized Lightning McQueen thanks to a hand me down gift from my parents.

Yes, Elisa was having quite a bit of fun with the toys down here. Can you tell?

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Beth said...

Good luck, these transition times seem to be pretty rough on all. I hope it smooths out quickly for all.