Monday, January 3, 2011

Year in review

Yeah. I'm jumping into this trend. How unoriginal. But I'm not in an original mood right now. :)

January we became "official" with the passing of our original due date, January 12.

February, we slept a lot. Not really much happened. We were still in quarantine and therefore not leaving the house. But we did get the nursery finished!

In March, Mommy went back to work and we began trying to hit our milestones.

In April, we just grew bigger. It was a slow month.

In May, we marched for babies, tried cereal and carrots and rolled over for the first time!

In June, we went swimming a LOT, drove to Iowa a LOT and mommy went away on another trip and Grandma got to have fun feeding me.

July saw the beginning of my scooting phase.

August was when we finally sat unassisted.

September, we crawled!

October we turned one and visited DC!

Thanksgiving was at home and we took our first tottering steps in November. We also traveled to Iowa to spend some time with the King side of the family.

By December, we were a full fledged walker. We traveled to Springfield to see our Uncle Mike and Elvis, Iowa to see our uncles and other extended family there and spent some good quality time as a family.

We look forward to 2011 with lots of excitement for the new adventures it will bring. I hope all of you have had a great 2010, a great holiday season and that you always remember the reason for the season..Jesus Christ.

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