Monday, January 10, 2011


From the day she was conceived, Elisa has been immersed in music. I love music, so listen to it a lot. And at the time, I was actively participating in our church praise band. So when I wasn't listening to it....I was singing.

And then, after she was born and even while she was still in the NICU, Grandma would play for her. Grandma even went so far as to purchase a cheap guitar in Arizona, just so she could have one to play.

The results are that Elisa now delights in music. She asks for us to sing to her. A lot of our playtime is singing silly songs to her, based off of her babbling. One of her favorites is "Barbara Ann" since one of her favorite words is "ba-ba."

Actually, Elisa has been "directing" things long before this. In fact, she "directed" her own life and determined her birthday. We couldn't POSSIBLY do things in a way that made sense or even followed a pre-determined schedule. She had to do it her own way.

Which leads to me...I am a director of sorts. A strong, type A personality who likes things ordered and structured. Who likes to know when she gets up in the morning that they day will follow a predictable pattern. Which led me to my career...that as an event organizer. And now, thanks to my rather unpredictable daughter, led me to use those skills to help organize an event of a much different scale.

I'm rather excited about this, helping out with the March of Dime's March for Babies this April. And in a much greater capacity than just walking, and hopefully raising some funds.

And speaking of fundraising...I've already been promised TWO company matches! So all I need to do is raise $100! And with that $100, I'll get one company who will match that, and another company who will match the $200!! So I'm really hoping I'll be able to raise a total of $400 between the help of these company matches.

If you want to donate, just click on the badge on the right hand side of the page.

Just because I've been lucky, and have a preemie, who for all intensive purposes never acted or felt she was a preemie, doesn't mean that others out there have been as lucky.

I hope you can help, either financially or by sharing Elisa's story. I hope that some day, the March of Dimes mission will no longer be needed. Because all babies will be born healthy. And term.

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Lindsay Neal said...

My debit card is in transit right now ( I lost the original) so I can't donate, but will you put a reminder on FB later so I will remember? I definitely want to help more this year.