Monday, August 16, 2010

Signs of Pre-term labor

It's probably no surprise that anything to do with preemies and raising awareness for pre-term labor is becoming a passion of mine. I remember being particularly worried about this throughout my pregnancy with Elisa and was always looking for information on what exactly pre-term labor was so that I could recognize it if it started happening to me.

Little did I know I would actually experience it, and I did not fall into any of the categories of symptoms I could find. I did not experience what I would call menstral cramps. It was a constant low down pelvic pain. It did not come and go. It stayed. And only in the evening. I did not have pressure. I did have an increase in discharge BUT I was told this was "normal" third trimester symptoms.

This is a cheesy video put out by the March of Dimes but it does give some different symptoms than even I experienced. But it's good information. It is so surprising to me to think that 1 in 8 babies are born early.

It's also a bit surprising that high risk mom's for pre-term labor are those who are under a lot of stress. Guess I really should learn to control that stress part of my personality.

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