Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We totally got one of these:

It's breaking through and you can definitely see it's shape. She won't let me get a picture of it and it's too deep in there still to see it without holding her mouth open and her tongue back. Am I a mean mommy for being completely and utterly excited about this??

And we tried puffs today. And, well, we loved them. Not at first...in fact our first reaction was EWWW but then, the more we chewed, the more we were like...these aren't that bad and now we dive for them.

Fun day!!! What other milestones will we meet this week lol!

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Michelle said...

Teeth! Maybe she could give Liam a few pointers. He is not even close. I would love to start table foods but he doesn't have a tooth in his head. Good job, baby girl!