Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad demographic research?

Ok so here's an annoyance factor. Forgive my rant but this is just getting old for me. Just because you visit an OB-GYN does not mean you have, are, or were pregnant. So why, ever since my two failed pregnancies, have we started to receive magazines on how to raise children. The newest being Babytalk: Straight Talk for New Mom's. And not only that, but they are going addressed to Andrew? And Andrew never requested them? So what, did they see that I was visiting a doc for a pregnancy, but failed to realize that we LOST said pregnancy? So according to their records I would have a 6 month old or be 5 months pregnant?!? And besides, how would they get that information, so is this just random oh they are a 20 something couple who've been married and in a house for a few years so they MUST be trying to have children or already have children?! I dunno, but sending a magazine about raising an infant is NOT a good idea if said household has only known the sadness of a loss of pregnancy rather than the joy of a full term healthy new arrival.

Granted I'm not totally torn up by it, just annoyed. I just think what would I have felt had this come back in May of this year, or even February?! Then I totally would have lost it. Right now, I just feel a mild annoyance and as I hadn't blogged in a while, figured I should blog something and this just seemed to fit.


just making due. said...

So I'm not exactly sure how they get our info... but I also started receiving Baby Talk, but my first issue arrived about a week after my first loss and I still get them occasionally. But, it gets worse. About 3 weeks ago, we actually got free formula in the mail... FORMULA! We gave it to a friend of ours who is expecting. It's hard to get that stuff, especially when you don't even ask for it.

Lisa said...

I went so far as to call after I posted. According to them, we purchased something relevant online and it was a free subscription with the purchase. As we haven't purchased anything for THAT I went uhhh no and please remove me from your list. They nicely did.

Formula!?!? Think people!!!!!!! Sheesh.