Sunday, September 7, 2008

The journey begins

Well, some of you may know that Andrew and I are involved in a new church plant here where we live. I know I haven't written much about it before now, but thought I should "get it out there" so to speak.

Today was our almost first service! It really was just a dress rehearsal to see how long it takes to set up/tear down, test the sound for the band and just find all those little things that we failed to think about beforehand. It was a lot of fun actually. Andrew and I carpooled with another of the band members, our one and only teenager, and arrived extra early. (I wanted to leave time to get lost, since my sense of direction is, well, challenged.) Finally, the others in our crew arrived, minus our de facto band leader in the absence of my mother (who is the actual band leader.) We began set up and finally I called our bass/acoustic guitarist. Imagine my surprise when I woke him up! Turns out he had set his alarm for PM instead of AM!!! Quite amusing, but he showed up about 30 minutes after I called him, which is quite a feat as he lives near me and it's 30 minutes in good traffic and going the speed limit!

We managed to get all set up in around 45 minutes and that really only left us 20 to warm up the band. We did and then people showed up, yay! Our teens mom and a friend and her friend. It was awesome. There was about 10-12 of us all together. We had a nice service of some music and a short discussion time and then more music. We rounded things up around 11:30 and then packed up and went home.

Overall, it went well. Set up was hurried and confusing, of course. Simply because we all had assigned jobs - but no one other than me bothered to look at what their job was! And then they all looked at me to tell THEM what to do. Boy was I laughing when it was all over, wondering how I ended up as the de facto leader. Nevermind my father is the pastor and my mother the band leader, but still!! Regardless, we got it all done. It wasn't without it's errors, issues, glitches, embarassing moments, but we worshipped God with good friends. I pray we make a difference in our community, and truly become the hands and feet of Christ here. It will be quite an amazing journey, but we are very excited to begin the walk.

If interested, check us out at I set up the site, so hopefully you like it! ;)

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