Friday, July 18, 2008


Wow what a week! I have been absolutely wrecked all week and all because of one little procedure. Of course I'm a bit harder on myself than I really should be but...oh well!

So update. Last Friday, I had what's known as a laproscopy and hysteroscopy. For those of you who don't know, the laproscopy requires they cut a hole in my belly button and stick a little camera and laser thing in there and scope around my innards looking for stuff. Same with the hysteroscopy. The report? Well the doc found a lot of endometriosis. I'm not sure how much entirely because I have yet to talk to him and mom and Andrew only spoke with him for a few short moments. All I know is the doc was surprised at how much he found for someone as young as me. (Awww I'm still young - even if I feel about 60!) So what does this mean? Well the doc lasered as much out as he could get to, and they have given me drugs that will put me into a short menopause for two months. The combination of these two things should kill every last bit of it. Then after that, God willing, our next little one should stick and you won't have to deal with any more of my lamenting posts!

So I'm not entirely surprised with this, seeing as how I have such a family history of it. And had you asked me earlier this week what I thought, I would have told you I was angry. And I was then. Not sure about what, maybe that they actually found something and it just proved how deficient I really was. I honestly can't tell you. But my wonderful husband pointed out to me that at least they found something that can be corrected! It's fixable. Of course this greatly increases my chances of NOT making it to a natural menopause, but in terms of having children, it's fixable. So I thank God for that. And I will rely on Him to see to my future. Anyway, right now I feel very optimistic and positive and excited. It's been this way for the last few days. So I'll take it!

Oh! Doc also said the endo was probably causing all of my tummy and back aches through out the years. Joy! That means I should be feeling like a completely NEW person, physically, once I have healed completely from the surgery. (Still waiting for my body to say it's done giving me trouble with the whole healing bit).

And on another completely different topic - Andrew interviewed for a few para educator positions here in town. These are all part time, non certified positions, but we feel that this would be a good way to get his name known in the schools and lead, fairly quickly, to a contracted position. So it looks very good on both of them so far! Looks like he may have to make a choice over which one to actually take! :-D

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