Friday, July 4, 2014

So. What is normal?

I wish I knew. 

I don't know normal.  My body doesn't know normal.

I can't remember how many times I've been told "I've never seen that before" in relation to some condition my body has dreamed up.

"I've never seen such an advanced case of endometriosis in someone so young."

"I've never seen a cervix dilate backwards."

"I've never seen gestational diabetes present so early."

"I've never seen a cyst like this following a miscarriage." 

Enough already with the "I've never seen's."  Why is it that even though I keep getting told "I've never seen that before" after I push my way into being evaluated, does the medical profession still not seem to think I know when somethings wrong.  Why is it, that 6 weeks into this most recent bout, am I still fighting for recognition that something isn't right.  That this isn't "normal" following a miscarriage.

I'm pretty sure the endometriosis is back, and I'm no longer sure how to get the doctors to do the testing needed for it.  After all, endometriosis doesn't "normally" present this severely in such a short time.  Never mind such a strong family history of it.....

So, long story short.  In these last 6 weeks, I've had a miscarriage, followed immediately by a 6cm cyst that then ruptured (I thought the pain from the miscarriage was bad....).  Then developed another cyst and a uterine fibroid on the right side.

And yet.  All of this is normal....


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for your loss and having to deal with these medical issues. I'm sorry it has to be an uphill battle, but I know you should listen to your gut. Keep searching out doctors until you find one that will help you. They are out there, but sometimes hard to find.

I know how devasting a miscarriage can be. I'll be praying for your emotional healing.

Lisa King said...

Thanks, Sharon! This actually is my 3rd, so I'm well aware of them as well. :-/ Love counting down the weeks with you on your newest little one. :)