Monday, July 7, 2014

Random, sad statistic

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage.  25%.

I've had 3 out of 5 fail.  That's 60%.

And yet, that's normal.  And not a concern?  It couldn't be caused by something else internally going on.  It's just "one of those things."


Let me just say this, though.  I am ok.  I do not feel the same amount of devastation I had from the first two.  Maybe it's because I am truly lucky and blessed with my two.  And content.  They are my life and my miracles and I love having them in my life.    The only two my body decided not to reject.

Truly meant to be.

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Stephen said...

Sorry Lisa. I know that I'm a guy, and do not have the same attachment, but we've experienced this also. I feel for you. We've had two out of four.
"It's one of those things" really doesnt make you feel better. The excitement you have taken away is terrible and tough. But you are super brave for talking about it and I think it will help. And it will also help other women to know its ok to talk about theirs.
My heart and thoughts are with you.