Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Letter to my Son - May 2014

Oh, what can I say about you?  You are such a ham.  All full of 2 year old wonder.  And tantrums.  The tantrums, man, sure don't remember those from your sister.

Speaking of your sister, one of the things you definitely have in common (most likely got it from me) is you like to put things in "order."  Now, this order is only known to you, but an order it is.  And don't you dare mess up your "order" unless you want to witness another of your infamous tantrums.  You and your sister fight like dogs over your competing "orders."

You've also really started to copy everything she does.  You are so in awe of her (most of the time) and just want to do everything she does.  You go along so easily with her suggestions, and happily.  You love to play with her.  But I also think you love your time when it's just you.  If I can judge anything by the fact that you take her favorite toy to bed at nap time when she's in school.

You are still a momma's boy and get insanely jealous when your sister is in my lap.  You could be across the room, but once you see that she's crawled up into my lap for a snuggle, you are right over there demanding that she get down.  That I'm "your" momma.  Insert tantrum here when she doesn't oblige to your demand.

These cars go with you everywhere.  It is so cute when you head into bed for your nap, or even bedtime, and you gather up as many cars as your little arms can hold and crawl into bed and cover them with your blanket.   I don't know how it can be comfortable laying on all those little suckers, but you do.

Never mind the baby spoons, you want a "real" spoon.  One of the ways you definitely are different from your sister is your outright refusal to still use "baby" things.  You will not, for the life of me, sit in your booster seat at dinner.  You have to sit on the chair like a "big boy."  Unfortunately, this trait does not reach into our potty training efforts.  As you have no problem sitting in your diaper and even refuse to sit on the potty anymore.  You might be in diapers until you are 4 at this rate.

But despite it all, I love you.  Every little bit of you.  The way you laugh when you are being tickled and cry out "that tickles!"  The way you run to me when I've been gone and throw your arms around my legs and shout "mommy!"  The way you grin sheepishly when I ask you for a kiss and you plant an open mouth slobbery mess right on my lips.  The way your little arms wrap around my neck and squeeze tight when you just want some comfort.  The way you grab my hand and ask me to hold it.  The way you crawl onto the couch and pat the seat next to you and declare "room for you, mommy!" 

You are such a big part of my life.  I couldn't imagine it any other way.  Love you baby boy.

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