Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter to my daughter - August 15, 2013

Dear E,

I'll be honest with you.  I'm not sure what I am going to say or where I am going to go with this.  But I want you to know one thing beyond a doubt when you look back on this years from now.  Maybe I'm gone, maybe I'm still here.  Maybe you are looking at your own daughter or son and wondering what you were like when you were that age.  But I want you to know one simple thing.

I love you.

I may not love every single thing about you.  I may not love you at every moment.  Like the times you come up to me and scream in my face because I told you no.  Or the times you hit your brother.  Or the times you deliberately cross a line and watch me as you do, just so you can see if you get a reaction.

At those times I may want to just walk away and scream myself.

But I still love you.  And always will.

You and I, we will always clash our wills.  You see, you are just like me.  In temperament, in tenacity, in stubbornness.   And someday you and I both will be thankful for that.

But right now, I'll cringe as you yet again refuse your nap, or yank a toy from your brother, or scream in the hallway right outside your brother's room as he sleeps.

And I'll treasure the moments you come up to me and tell me you love me.  Or crawl into my lap while I'm working just to be with me.  Or demand that I take a picture of your car.

Seems like it was just yesterday we had our first fight, as you were determined to come into this world well before it was your time and I was just as determined to make sure you stayed put.  There will be many more to come.

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AZPartyMamma said...

Lisa this is a beautiful letter. I love your photos, the one of her in her carseat reminds me of the photos I used to take of my daughter sitting behind me.

Anonymous said...

very well written and expresses thoughts and sentiments I've had many times over the last 10 years since Joshua was born.


Kristin said...

I love how honest this is. Your daughter is beautiful.

Lasher said...

What great letter. Well written and honest. Can't wait to see more!

mindy b. said...

What a lovely letter this month! And those blue eyes! Wow! So glad to be in this circle with you!!!

Heidi said...

Love your letter! I really like the last picture too!

Heather Carraway said...

Lisa - I love your honestly!! (And now I see that everyone else has said the same thing!!) It will be so important that your daughter knows the struggles you had with her when she has her own...and how much you love her despite it all. LOVE the fairy reminds me of the imagination I USED to have :)