Friday, November 9, 2012

11 months

I've been trying to come up with something each day this month that I'm thankful for. And yesterday, on Aidan's 11 "month-day," I said:

Today I'm thankful that 11 months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And that he fulfilled my two wishes for that pregnancy.
1. Term.
2. That he choose his birthday.

And I am still thankful for that. And so much more.

Even when he throws a tantrum because he doesn't have the ONE thing he wants the most. When he has many other items right in front of him that would fulfill his need.

Even when he kicks his legs and screams in frustration because his sister gets to do something he can't yet.

Even when chomps down on my leg because he's teething. Again.

I am thankful for him. And all that he is. I have been blessed with two very strong personalities. It will not be a boring time in this household for the next 18 years.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's nick from ur 5th grade class at sca u remember us?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. King! It's Jade!!! I was also in your 5th grade class haha remember me?

Mr King said...

Yes, Nick I remeber you. Hey if you need a good MU or KU hat, I know a good place at the mall you can buy one. Mention my name and you might get a discount. lol.

Jade I remember you as well. You used to be the trouble maker in class, always so loud. Ha ha ha. yes I remeber you, always polite, quiet and did exactly what you were told to do.

Hope you guys and the rest of the class are doing well. I miss you guys, you guys are getting ready to enter High School now. WOW. Tell everyone Hi from Mr. King. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks it was great to hear from u

Anonymous said...

Hahah yeah now i'm pretty wild. Lol & yup ik pretty crazy and ok I wil tell them!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Erica! Remember me???