Friday, October 19, 2012

Simply amazing

Just how different children are. I mean, it shouldn't be any surprise really. Just because they came from the same DNA doesn't mean they would follow the same path, right? Like this one.
He has NEVER been a bottle baby. I know I've said that here before and I know you are going WHY do you keep worrying about that? I honestly don't know. I am proud of myself that I no longer keep track of what he is drinking...I just know it is not 24 oz. :) But that being said, he has moved on to table food already. And he loves it. He eats anything I put in front of him. Even mashed potatoes. Which this one refused.
He is a whopping 24.5 oz. Yes. Almost 25 lbs. And not even 11 months old. Seriously. This kid eats more than his sister!
Elisa is 27 lbs...yes. Only 2.5 lbs larger than her brother. It seriously cracks me up anymore. To watch the two of them together, especially in their diapers, the lack of size difference is obvious. Where Elisa is long and lean, Aidan is short and stocky. Seriously. His head is the same size as hers. Pretty soon, he will be giving HER horsey rides. But where Aidan has a temper, Elisa is even keeled. Both, however, are attention seekers.
I'm pretty sure we will have amazing fireworks in the future. Already we are getting the tantrums over "He pinched me!" or the screams because she took his toy. The pushing him away because all he wants to do is play with his crazy big sister. But when it all comes down to it, they love each other. They show it in the times they do play nicely together. Or when Elisa randomly goes up to Aidan, gives him a hug and says "I love you brother!" The look on Aidan's face when his sister comes back into the room. How happy to see each other they are when they have spent the day apart.

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