Friday, June 10, 2011

Puddle jumping and....

(sorry for the blurriness. I took these using zoom on my phone camera, and well, it just isn't good lol)

Elisa has loved water from the very beginning. I've heard over and over about babies who can't stand bath time. Many say it's because they are cold or something like that. Regardless of the cold or not, Elisa has always LOVED her bath.

No surprise that puddles would also attract her. And boy did we find some puddles.

We did not, however, enjoy the sand in certain parts of the puddle if we were standing in it. However, we did get massive enjoyment out of flinging the sand and water up in the air and onto ourselves. The result?

What's that on her shirt? Besides the dirt? I'm a big sister?

Yup. Shrimp #2 is safely baking away so far. Due December 29th (Daddy's birthday!!!) However, if I manage to get to term, the longest they will let me go is December 22nd. So here's praying for 26 more LONG UNEVENTFUL weeks.


Beth said...

Congrats so excited for your family.

Anonymous said...

Yea! now that the photo is on here I can say how excited I am for you three (and the extended family). We'll be praying for a less stressful pregnancy! Sheryl