Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy weekend

But not too busy that we weren't able to enjoy the simple things in life. Like splashing in water!

Saturday, however, was a day of productivity. Daddy and Elisa went out and had a great daddy and me day and I stayed home and began work on the guest room. I got my list made, the extra stuff we've stored in there for 6 years for who knows why, tossed out. We made room in our bedroom closet to move stuff into there that was stored in the guest room closet by giving away any clothes we haven't worn in years. I got the bedding purchased and the painting party "on the calendar."

Lets just say that the 2nd trimester energy must be in some ways coming in. However, I may have over done it as I spent yesterday evening and all of today just flat worn out.

But I'm excited. I showed Elisa my idea for her new room and she got really excited (as much as a 19 month old can. But she did jump up and down on her knees and point at the screen with an excited noise when I showed it to her.)

I'm hoping by involving her as much as I can in the process, the transition to the new room will go much smoother. My goal is to have her room done by August so we can start naps in the new room then and hopefully by her birthday have her transitioned entirely to the new room. That gives me two months to clean out the nursery and get it prepared for Shrimp, and Elisa 2 months to adjust to the new surroundings before her world goes completely upside down.

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