Friday, December 3, 2010


Over the last few days, I have been noticing that Elisa is making great strides in her ability to communicate with us. She crawls (or cruises) over to us and whines and tugs on our hands until we get up to go for a "walk" when she wants one. She leans in for eskimo kisses. She comes up to us and puts her head down in our laps when she's sleepy.

Well, this morning we had quite an interesting by play. "Mommy, come play with me!" "Mommy can't right now, buggar boo, she's working!" "Well fine, ma, don't play with me!"

Lol, I can just imagine the thoughts in her head as she then toddled off to go try to convince her daddy to play with her at that time.

On a more serious note, she has actually shown an understanding for the word "baba" which is what we have always referred to her bottle as. Today, she came over to me whining and I knew it was about time for her bottle. So I asked her, "Do you want your baba?" She grinned, danced a little and then said "baba!" I took that to be a yes, lol! And then later in the day, she was whining again and I was telling Andrew she's probably hungry for her baba and she stopped mid-whine and lit up like a Christmas tree.

So yes...I think we have made the connection between baba and food.

I love seeing her pick up these new skills.

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