Thursday, November 20, 2008

Auto bailout

OK. So in what world does this make sense.

3 big companies in financial trouble decide to fly to the capital to ask for money. So they decide to spend $20,000 EACH flying to the capital. To ask for money. Because they are going bankrupt. And they expect me to fork over MY money to keep them afloat? Are you KIDDING me? They would have had much more credibility and much more of my support if they had flown commercial, with the regular people, rather than trying to be snobbish big wigs and fly chartered. Come ON, think about it. What does that say about your financial finesse? $20,000 to fly private as opposed to $300 to fly commercial? No wonder you are in financial trouble. Get over yourself. Fly commercial.

Sorry, that's my rant for today. I just can't believe that.


just making due. said...

Or here's a thought... drive? You are auto makers right?

Lisa said...

No kidding.

They defended themselves saying they require their CEO's to fly chartered for "safety reasons." Please. They aren't the president of the US! They can fly with the rest of us.

Or drive! :)